New CD Release

Vivaldi Four Seasons
on CD

The long awaited New CD on Good Music World Record Label is now out!
At present it is only available as hard copy CD but soon it will be available for digital downloads.

Vivaldi Four Seasons, performed by World Café Trio.

Vivaldi Four Seasons is probably one of the best loved Classical masterpieces of all time. Enjoyed by old and young across the whole spectrum of music lovers.
The original score was written for a string orchestra, church organ and violin soloist. These days the organ is replaced mostly by a harpsichord.
Because of the size of this instrumentation it is very difficult for people to hear it on their doorstep since an orchestra is costly affair.

This group of 4 violin concerti was composed in 1723 and published in 1725 in Amsterdam. It is to this day one of Antonio Vivaldi’s most famous works. He wrote poems to express the meaning of the music in which he tries to portray his experiences of each of the 4 seasons of the year. This is one of the earliest examples of program music – which in essence, is music with a narrative element. With this rendition of Four Seasons, listeners hear the familiar piece of music in a format not heard before in South Africa. Picture these various violin parts performed with 3 instruments only – a violin, an accordion and a bass guitar.

In the beautiful CD cover you would find the poems translated from Italian to English and Afrikaans. The Afrikaans translation from the Italian was done by Dr. Dawid de Villiers.

Here are 2 tracks from the new CD

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