Accordion Music

Live Accordion Music

If you looking for unique theme or feel of you function, wedding, corporate event, product launch etc, why not try Accordion Music.

With Accordion Music you can add to many different themes – for example French, Italian, Balkan, Gypsy, Tango, Mexican, Mediterranean, Greek, Russian, German/Austrian etc.
Or just create ambience like Romantic, Festive, Sentimental, Intimate etc.

Depending on venue and amount of guests, you can have Accordion Music only as a solo Accordion – either our Accordion Maestro Stanislav Angelov or somebody else who he would recommend.
Or you could have Accordion Music with some additions, like an Italian Tenor & Accordion (for your Italian theme), or a Violin & Accordion (for your Gypsy theme), or Clarinet & Accordion (for your French theme) and so on, ans so on…

Here’s an example of our Accordion Maestro latest album “Swing Café”

When hiring Accordion Music you could have this as a main feature and short show during your event or it can be added as providing a background of the event. Accordion Music can be performed acoustic or amplified – those details can always be discussed and adjusted accordion to the situation.

And here  are more examples for Accordion Music

And finally, if you need Accordion Music in Cape Town, or Johannesburg, or Durban, or anywhere else around South Africa and Southern Africa, talk to us and we will see who we can organize for your next function.


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